Microsoft Teams Desktop Client to Improve Chat Experience With Intelligent Message Translation Capabilities

Microsoft Teams

Key Takeaways:

  • The Microsoft Teams desktop app is integrating intelligent message translation capabilities, aiming to enhance the chat experience.
  • Users will now receive translation suggestions automatically when they receive messages in different languages.
  • Microsoft is also planning to extend Live Share support to the Chat, Channel, and Collaborative Stageview experiences within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is set to introduce intelligent message translation capabilities to enhance the chat experience in its Microsoft Teams desktop app. The new feature will allow users to see translation suggestions whenever they receive a message in a different language.

Currently, the intelligent message translation capabilities are only available for Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS devices. The feature uses account preferences to notify desktop users when translation would be helpful and personalize chat translation accordingly.

“In Microsoft Teams, when you get a message in a different language, you will see translation suggestions to help you understand the message. In settings, you can select which languages you do not want to translate and whether to translate messages automatically,” the company explained in a message on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Microsoft Teams Chats to Get Intelligent Message Translation Capabilities

How to enable intelligent message translation in Microsoft Teams chats

Microsoft Teams users will need to click the “Translate” option to translate the message into their preferred language. Moreover, they can select “Never translate (language)” to prevent the app from showing the option to translate that specific language. Users can also click the ellipsis menu (. . .) > Translate, and then select “Turn on auto-translation” to automatically translate messages into their preferred language.

Microsoft Microsoft plans to roll out the message translation experience to Targeted release customers in early April. The feature is expected to become generally available for all commercial customers in May 2024.

Microsoft is also working to add Live Share support to the Chat, Channel, and Collaborative Stageview experiences in Microsoft Teams. Currently, the Live Share feature only allows users to work on shared content during Teams meetings. Microsoft also plans to bring this capability to its Teams web client.