Microsoft Teams Certified Devices Let Users Join Meetings From the Pre-Join Screen

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Microsoft has released two new capabilities for Microsoft Teams certified devices. The first feature allows participants to use the Teams certified audio device with a button to quickly join a meeting directly from the pre-join screen.

With this release, Microsoft Teams lets users bring the meeting window to the foreground during meetings joined on certified audio devices. It should be useful for people who frequently need to jump between different windows to chat or virtually raise their hands. This feature is supported on devices with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

“A button with both the Microsoft Teams logo and the call hangup/switchhook function will not be compatible with this enhancement,” Microsoft explained. “A multi-purpose button will usually have the Microsoft Teams logo and another logo or symbol.”

How the new features work in Microsoft Teams certified devices

  • Users will need to tap the Teams button on the Teams certified device twice to join the meeting from the pre-join screen.
Microsoft Teams Certified Devices Let Users Join Meetings From the Pre-Join Screen
  • To bring the meeting window to the foreground, users can simply press the dedicated Teams button on their certified devices.

Microsoft notes that the new features are available in preview on the Microsoft Teams desktop app on Windows and macOS. However, keep in mind that the update is rolling out gradually, and it’s not available for everyone just yet.

Microsoft Teams is also getting a new feature that will let users zoom in and out while viewing content shared on screens during calls and meetings. Microsoft has also released a new app that allows users to view and edit Visio files directly in Microsoft Teams. The Visio personal app comes pre-installed for all users, and you can find more details in our previous post.