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Microsoft Snatches Up Deis To Boost Azure Kubernetes Tech

For Microsoft, Azure is the company’s future from not only an infrastructure perspective but also for revenue. To make sure that its platform is available with the tools developers are using and also in the localized regions where laws require in-country data centers, the company is investing billions into this platform.

Announced today, Microsoft is acquiring Deis, a container technology company. The software improves application agility, efficiency, and reliability, through their Kubernetes software stack.

If Kubernetes doesn’t sound familiar, it should, especially if you are thinking about using containers in your environment. The container platform, widely used on Google’s cloud, has a large user-base and is one of the key strengths of Google’s cloud platform.

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Say Goodbye to Traditional PC Lifecycle Management

Traditional IT tools, including Microsoft SCCM, Ghost Solution Suite, and KACE, often require considerable custom configurations by T3 technicians (an expensive and often elusive IT resource) to enable management of a hybrid onsite + remote workforce. In many cases, even with the best resources, organizations are finding that these on-premise tools simply cannot support remote endpoints consistently and reliably due to infrastructure limitations.

With Microsoft acquiring Deis, the likely goal of this acquisition is to help persuade to move from Google to Azure or to stop users from leaving Azure to use Google’s Kubernetes tech.

Microsoft is working feverishly to make Azure the most flexible cloud platform on the market. With the acquisition announced today, the company now offers a wide variety of containers including Linux and Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service.

Neither Microsoft nor Deis announced a sale price for the acquisition.


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