Microsoft To Provide Additional Windows Update Installation Options With Creators Update

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In the Spring of 2017, Microsoft will be releasing a new update for Windows 10 that the company is calling the Creators update. While many of the features the company talked about back in October were for the consumer, there are several features targeted specifically at enterprise customers.

In addition to those that have already been announced, thanks to a leaked build of Windows 10, Microsoft will soon let updates be deferred up to 35 days. Microsoft calls this featuring, “Pause Updates” and will give a small bit of control back to the user about the update process.

This delaying of installation will be helpful for reviewing updates before they are installed to make sure that there will be no compatibility issues. But, honestly, the bigger benefit here is being able to stop updates from installing when it is uncovered that a patch is breaking features of Windows 10. While Microsoft hopes that this scenario never happens, seeing as it has already occurred several times with Windows 10, it’s inevitable it will happen again.

While 35 days may not be enough for some, it should suffice for most to defer upgrades for a short period and if there are any major issues with a patch, it should be uncovered in that window of time.

The build of Windows 10 that leaked is the Enterprise version of the software, so it’s safe to say that this feature is coming to corporate world and is not only for consumers. We don’t have an exact date on when the Creators update will arrive but feature-completion will occur in January and will be followed by several weeks of bug smashing and refinement.