Microsoft Outlook will Let Users Follow Teams Meetings

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft is introducing a new meeting response option called “Follow” for the new Outlook for Windows and the Outlook web app.
  • The “Follow” response enables users to stay informed about meeting events even if they can’t attend, fostering greater engagement and collaboration.
  • This feature aims to cater to individuals with busy schedules and conflicting meetings.

Microsoft Outlook is about to add a new meeting response option (RSVP) to the new Outlook for Windows and the Outlook web app. The new “Follow” option for meeting responses will provide users with a way to stay engaged even when they can’t attend.

The new follow feature will inform organizers that the user won’t attend the meeting but still wants to remain informed and access post-meeting information. The Follow response will also remind the organizer to record the meeting and take collaborative notes.

The attendees will be able to access the meeting chat, recordings, and transcripts. Moreover, the attendees’ calendars will show the time as free, enabling them to manage their schedules more effectively.

“Follow is a new meeting response (RSVP) option that goes beyond the traditional Accept, Tentative and Decline choices geared towards individuals with high meeting loads and conflicting meetings each day. Follow is the ideal RSVP option for meetings you can’t attend but still want to stay engaged and receive info about. Other attendees will be able to see if you are following a meeting,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Outlook will Let Users Follow a Teams Meeting
Meeting invitation email with new Follow option (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft Outlook’s ‘Follow’ feature to hit GA in July

Microsoft says that attendees will be able to respond with the “Follow” option only when a meeting has two or more participants and the organizer has requested responses. Moreover, the meeting response will appear as “Tentative” in the classic version of Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and the Outlook mobile apps. The organizer will also see a notification that the invitee is following the meeting.

Microsoft says that the new meeting response option will begin rolling out to targeted release customers in May. The feature is expected to become generally available for commercial customers in July 2024. At launch, this capability won’t be available for Outlook for Mac or the Outlook mobile apps.