Microsoft Now Sells  Replacement Parts for Surface Tablets, Laptops, and All-in-Ones

To improve the repairability and durability of its various Surface devices, Microsoft has started selling official Surface replacement parts on its Microsoft Store. The dozens of components currently available include batteries, SSDs, screens, keyboards, and more.

Microsoft makes Surface devices for both consumers and professionals and in recent years, the company significantly improved their repairability by using removable SSDs and not gluing as many components as before. Between 2017 and 2022, iFixit went from describing to original Surface Laptop as “glue-filled monstrosity” to labeling the recent Surface Pro 9 as “the most repairable Surface in years.” Yes, we’ve really come a long way. 

“While we have always offered world-class warranty and repair services via Microsoft support, we have been working to increase repair options by designing products that are easier to repair and by expanding our network of Authorized Service Providers. As part of this larger initiative, we are excited to offer replacement components to technically inclined consumers for out-of-warranty, self repair,” wrote Tim McGuiggan – VP Devices Services & Product Engineering at Microsoft yesterday. 

Microsoft is now offering Surface replacement parts on its Microsoft Store
Microsoft is now offering Surface replacement parts on its Microsoft Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know about Surface replacement parts

As of today, Surface replacement parts are available for purchase on the Microsoft Store in the US, Canada, and France. Commercial resellers in all Surface markets will also have access to these repair parts through existing channels.

Surface replacement parts come with collateral components such as screws, but repair tools are available to purchase separately on iFixit. Microsoft is also offering free repair guides for its Surface devices on its website.

Microsoft is offering over 10 replacement parts for its latest Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 including displays, batteries, Surface Connect ports, speaker and Wi-Fi modules, and more. However, the selection is more limited for older devices such as the Surface Pro 7 and Pro 8 or the Surface Laptop 3 and 4. 

Surface repair parts on the Microsoft Store are also quite expensive. For 2-in-1 Surface tablets, prices go from $14.99 for the Surface Pro 8 replacement SSD door to $399 for the Surface Pro 9 replacement back cover kit. Displays are usually the most expensive items, and you’ll need to pay $539 for a Surface Laptop Studio screen, or a whopping $1749.99 to replace the screen on the all-in-one Surface Studio 2+. 

Overall, Microsoft offering replacement components for Surface devices marks an important milestone in the company’s approach to repairability. Making repair parts more broadly available can also definitely help to make Surface devices more attractive for businesses. And at the end of the day, any efforts to make PCs or any devices more repairable is a good thing for the industry, and ultimately, the planet.