Microsoft Expands Windows Customer Connection Program to IT Admins

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Microsoft has announced that it’s expanding its Windows Customer Connection Program (WCCP) to IT admins. This WCCP program is designed to collect feedback and promote collaboration to build better products and services for customers.

According to Microsoft, IT Pros will get exclusive access to the private previews of its existing and upcoming software products. Participants will be able to engage directly with Windows engineering teams via focus groups, virtual calls, and Microsoft Teams channels.

Microsoft emphasizes that the goal of its Windows Customer Connection Program is to provide an engagement opportunity to IT admins. The participants will be able to earn digital badges, invites to Microsoft’s events, “prioritized private preview access” as well as other exclusive benefits based on their engagement in the community.

“The WCCP is not a marketing or support program, it is an engineering program. Engineers engage customers to better understand user habits, pains, and recommendations for improvement. These engagements often impact the planning and development cycle long before a solution or feature is released,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Expands Windows Customer Connection Program to IT Admins

How to join the Windows Customer Connection Program (WCCP)

Microsoft recommends that IT admins should get in touch with the Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) or primary Microsoft contact to learn more about the WCCP program. The firm noted that prospective participants should have a strong technical background to provide “actionable feedback” about its products.

Notably, those who are interested in joining the program will also need to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). This means that the members will need to seek written approval from Microsoft to share confidential information with any third party. If you have already signed an NDA, you can opt in directly by filling out the form available on this page.