Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Gets New Copilot Capabilities

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft’s new Copilot features in Dynamics 365 Customer Service improve customer service interactions by enabling agents to ask questions in natural language and receive AI-powered responses.
  • Copilot integration allows agents to create intelligent email responses using predefined prompts.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers historical analytics reports that help service managers monitor Copilot usage across an organization.

Microsoft has introduced new Copilot features in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, improving the way customer service agents interact with their clients. These enhancements allow agents to ask questions in natural language, draft personalized email responses, and monitor Copilot usage across an organization.

“Copilot provides real-time, AI-powered assistance to help customer support agents solve issues faster by relieving them from mundane tasks—such as searching and note-taking—and freeing their time for more high-value interactions with customers,” said Jeff Comstock, CVP for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Microsoft highlights that the latest update allows users to ask questions with natural language commands. The Copilot tool will scan all company resources and then provide a response. The customer support agents can also check the sources and give feedback on the responses. This feature is designed to help agents save time and effort that was previously required for lengthy investigations.

The Copilot integration allows agents to use predefined prompts to create intelligent email responses. This capability could be handy for common support activities like requesting more information, suggesting a call, resolving the customer’s problem, and empathizing with feedback. The Copilot feature leverages the conversation’s context, case notes, and other organizational information to write personalized email responses.

Understand Copilot usage in an organization with Copilot in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Service historical analytics reports offer valuable insights for service managers to gain a deeper understanding of Copilot usage within their organization. These reports enable managers to monitor the frequency of Copilot usage, duration of conversations, agent-customer interactions, and more.

Last month, Microsoft introduced a new feature that lets agents use Copilot to summarize cases and lengthy conversations. The case summary highlights important information like case title, type, subject, priority, and description. Conversation summaries provide details about the customer’s name, the issue, the case status, and other relevant information.