Azure Firewall Gets Explicit Proxy Support and Other New Features

Microsoft Azure

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft’s “Explicit proxy mode” for Azure Firewall offers direct proxy configuration within sending applications, simplifying traffic routing.
  • Single-click upgrade/downgrade support for Azure Firewall Premium subscriptions streamlines subscription management, enabling IT administrators to focus on critical tasks with minimal service disruption.
  • Azure Firewall services are now available in Poland Central, extending their global reach to 52 regions worldwide.

Microsoft has introduced a new Explicit proxy mode for Azure Firewall that allows direct proxy configuration within sending applications. The latest update also brings a seamless single-click upgrade/downgrade experience for Azure Firewall subscriptions.

“With this mode enabled, you have the option to configure a proxy setting directly on the sending application, such as a web browser, with Azure Firewall acting as the designated proxy. This configuration allows traffic from the sending application to be directed to the private IP address of the firewall, facilitating direct egress from the firewall without the need for a UDR,” Microsoft explained.

The new Explicit proxy mode is available in addition to the default mode, and it currently supports HTTP/S traffic. It’s possible to use a proxy auto-config (PAC) file or manually configure the IP address on the application or browser.

Azure Firewall adds new single-click upgrade/downgrade experience

Microsoft has announced the general availability of single-click upgrade/downgrade support in Azure Firewall. The feature enables customers to upgrade or downgrade their Azure Firewall Premium subscriptions with a single click. This should make it easier for IT admins to focus on important tasks and minimize service downtime.

The auto-learn SNAT (Source Network Address Translation) routes feature is now available in public preview for Azure Firewall customers. Azure Firewall SNAT is a built-in capability that routes outbound traffic to the Internet. It leverages Azure Route Service integration to auto-learn private and registered ranges and then use the routes for SNAT.

Lastly, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Firewall Basic, Standard, Premium, and Azure Firewall Manager in Poland Central. The Azure Firewall service is now available for customers in 52 regions worldwide.