Microsoft Unveils Azure Expert Assessment: Your Personalized Path to Seamless Cloud Adoption

Microsoft Azure

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft has introduced Azure Expert Assessment, a free personalized service to assist organizations in planning their cloud adoption.
  • The Certified Azure Expert evaluates the readiness of the existing IT infrastructure for cloud migration, providing tailored recommendations to facilitate a seamless transition.
  • The service provides access to tools and best practices to expedite the implementation of cloud solutions.

Microsoft has unveiled Azure Expert Assessment, a free one-to-one service enabling enterprises to strategize their cloud adoption journey collaboratively with a Certified Azure Expert. The Azure expert evaluates current IT infrastructure readiness, providing tailored recommendations for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Microsoft has introduced Azure Expert Assessment as a new addition to its existing Solution Assessment Program. The new offering aims to assist participants in developing a better understanding of their current IT infrastructure’s readiness for migration to the cloud.

Azure Expert Assessment should make it easier to identify the best cloud solutions and estimate the costs, savings, and ROI. Additionally, the service offers access to tools, resources, and best practices to simplify the implementation of cloud solutions.

“It is designed with automation in every step of the engagement to expedite your unique assessment needs, whether it be SQL server migration, Windows server migration, FinOps and the Azure Well-Architected Review. The assessment will provide you with a clear technical roadmap and a comprehensive business case to support your cloud strategy,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Unveils Azure Expert Assessment

How to apply for Azure Expert Assessment?

Microsoft’s new Azure Expert Assessment service is available in public preview for all commercial customers. The company says interested customers can sign up for the service by filling out a form on this page. It requires details about their company, existing IT environment, and cloud objectives.

Microsoft will send an email with a voucher code required to create a customer profile on the assessment portal. However, it’s important to note that during the preview stage, some features may temporarily go offline, and select vouchers might cease functioning. We invite you to check out the official website for more details about the Microsoft Solution Assessment Program.