Everything you need to know about Office 365 – October 2018


Hi, all of you ghost and ghouls. I just finished 2 hours of trick or treating in the rain so I thought there was no better time to finish up this article. Like my kids’ candy bags Office 365 is a mixed bag of surprises that you just find something new and awesome every time you look. This month lets dig into the bag and see what we come up with. And unlike the bag of candy, consuming this entire article will not get you a sugar high. Sorry. Oh, and this is the hashtag edition. Sorry for that too. #NotReallySorry

Do you have to log into multiple Office 365 tenants?

If you answered yes then sit down, I am about to change your life. As a consultant, I have accounts in roughly 10 different clients Office 365. There is a lot of shane@ accounts out there. And it used to be to use any of them I had to fire up an in-private browser session to log in. It was terrible. Then my buddy Todd wrote the best thing written in all of 2018. How to Connect to Multiple Office 365 Accounts in your Browser without Losing Your Damned Mind. It is a stroke of genius and legitimately changed my life. Turns out Chrome has a built-in capability that makes this all so much easier. Please, read the article and the Tweet @ToddKlindt a thank you. #LifeChanged

Automatically remove unused OneDrive files

This is an interesting new feature for our OneDrive friends. Not the OneDrive client can be set to automatically remove the local copy of files based on a time period of inactivity. The new feature is detailed here and while I personally don’t have a use case for it, I think it is interesting none the less. I know a lot of people use OneDrive for temporary work, like a project. They sync some files, use them around the clock for a few months and then one day the project is over and they never touch them again. Yet the stubs stay on their file system forever. If you have this work pattern this might be a good feature to give you less to dig through on your local system. And don’t worry, the files, like the pictures you took in college, will still be online forever. #ScaryThought

Microsoft continues to be a leader according to Gartner

If you are reading this article I don’t think this comes as a surprise. A new magic quadrant was released for Content Services Platforms and Microsoft is up in the top right with their offerings, mostly led by SharePoint. I will save you the details but always a good one to share with the naysayers at the office or the guy who blocked me on LinkedIn for telling him the platform he preferred isn’t very good. #HowRude

How Microsoft IT does governance in Microsoft 365

If this is anything like years past these are always great presentations. They give you real-world guidance on how Microsoft IT manages Microsoft 365 for the 100,000+ employees. I can’t imagine how hard this would be so the glimpses we get in these talks is super valuable. Tune in to the two-part series, learn some new tips, and get an appreciation how your 100 or even 1,000 users are really a walk in the park to manage. Sign up here. #TakeNotes

Microsoft Teams

I am going to keep reminding you so I hopefully remind myself. Microsoft Teams is a big deal and is going to continue to be a bigger deal. As I consume all of the news and notes for the month I can tell you that Teams just wedges itself in everywhere. Reading about SharePoint? They mention Teams. Article on the excitement around Office 365? There is Teams. Standing at the bus stop? Someone asks about Teams. It is the fastest growing piece of tech in Microsoft’s history (I once wrote that about SharePoint) and if you are still ignoring it because you don’t like it, STOP IT. You need to embrace it. This isn’t Yammer, which I successfully ignored, this will be the new center of your universe. Move to acceptance. #NeedToTakeMyOwnAdvice