Everything you need to know about Office 365 – August 2018


Gosh, this product is giant. There are so many little things that change what seems like every day I will do my best to not list all of them or even 1% of them but instead let’s focus on the ones I felt were noteworthy. I realize you have been on holiday all summer (don’t we all wish) so I will try to help you catch up in one quick article. I also end with my version of crystal ball gazing so you can mock me when you get there.

Microsoft Teams has completed its master plan

The roadmap item for bringing Skype for Business functionality into Teams is complete. Making Teams an all up business communication tool. The timing of this seems right since I had just gotten comfortable using Skype for Business (S4B) here at PowerApps911. <sigh> That is the fun part of this cloud world, right? We get new things almost every day. If you, like me, are a current S4B user then you will need to plan your transition to Teams. There is plenty of options and guidance linked at the bottom of the announcement here. I keep telling you guys (and myself) it is past time to embrace Teams. So get to work and let me know how it goes.

Content to help you with rollout and adoption across the Microsoft ecosystem

Check out this handy resource of Fast Track templates, announcements, guides, surveys and more to help you plan for and speed up adoption across the various platforms. Kind of interesting content. Even as a guy who isn’t rolling out SharePoint I found it a fun read. Always good to see what content they are linking to that maybe you didn’t know about or how they explain certain pieces. Seems like the kind of stuff I needed back in 2005 when I was busy explaining “What is SharePoint?”. Those were some tough days. They have guides for Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Windows 10, Delve, and more.

Governing Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

For about a year now I have been people asking for, nay demanding that there be more information on managing these two great tools in the enterprise. Good news, the teams listened and put together a whitepaper on governing the platforms. You can get the paper in all of its glory here. It is only a 66 page PDF so will make for some lite reading while you sit poolside this holiday weekend. Enjoy, and get back to me with a summary of what you learned.

Watch the Ignite Keynote live on September 24

Getting ahead of myself with September news but just a quick note to remind you if you aren’t going to Ignite (I am staying home this year too) then you can watch the keynote and feed off the energy in your pajamas. The link is here where they will stream the keynote and select other sessions. Pretty cool. All of the fun and none of the conference fun. Enjoy.

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Roadmaps converge

Now you thought in the SharePoint article it made me sad to give Todd a plug well you ain’t see nothing yet. This info comes from Brad Sams where he talks about how Microsoft is merging roadmaps for Microsoft and Office 365s. In some capacity I get it Office is part of Microsoft but at the same time, I still don’t. Mostly because I think Microsoft 365 is the dumbest name ever. But I also know their roadmaps were organized around the way things inside of Microsoft are organized. So, is the roadmap shift (I wrote the word without a T the first time, accident? Not sure) the precursor to another major org shift? I hope not. Some of my favorite pieces get lost in org chaos already, I cannot imagine if the org got bigger. Time will tell but I don’t like it.