Download the Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 with Windows Mobile OS Images (Pocket PC and Smart Phone)

The Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 is a standalone version of the same ARM based Device Emulator that ships as part of Visual Studio 2005. The standalone emulator is intended for situations when you want to demonstrate or test your application on a computer that does not have Visual Studio 2005 installed. In addition, Microsoft is offering the Windows Mobile 5.0 MSFP operating system images that you can use with the Device Emulator.

The MSFP addition to the Windows Mobile 5 operating system enables the device to receive direct push synchronization from Exchange Server 2003 SP2 machines, and offers more security control over the device.
Needless to say, this emulator can help us IT personnel when testing the deployment of new PPC-based applications in our network environment, plus allows us to perform live synchronizations and direct push with our Exchange Server 2003 SP2 servers (and future Exchange Server 2007 servers).
Device Emulator 1.0 has a number of features that make it significantly better than its predecessor (the x86 emulator). You will find that it:

  • Runs code compiled for ARM processors rather than for x86 processors. In most cases, you can run the same binaries on the emulator as you do on the device.
  • Supports synchronizing with ActiveSync. You can use the Device Emulator with a full ActiveSync partnership. This feature allows you to debug applications that are syncing, or be able to use real synchronized data from within the Device Emulator.
  • Provides support for more development environments. The emulator has been tested for developing and debugging applications with Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, and with eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 (eVC4) SP4, all using ActiveSync. No crossover serial cable is required.
  • The Device Emulator supports GAPI. You can write and debug GAPI games on the Device Emulator and expect them to work.

Download Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 (57.5mb)link out ico
Microsoft Virtual Machine Network driver is required for the emulator to function. If you have Microsoft Virtual Server on the machine where you plan to install the PPC Emulator you will be ok, but if you dont, please d/l it and install it.
Download Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1link out ico
wm5 emulator 1 small smartphone emulator 1 small

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Download Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 (57.5mb)link out ico

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