Clickstream Analytics on AWS Launches to Enhance Data Visualization in Mobile and Web Apps

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new end-to-end solution called Clickstream Analytics on AWS. The new service enables customers to collect, ingest, analyze, and visualize clickstream data within their web and mobile applications.

Clickstream Analytics on AWS is built on standard AWS services. The company says that clickstream data plays a vital role in analyzing user behavior, managing customer data, conducting marketing analysis, and other business analytics use cases. This data offers comprehensive insights into how an app or website is used, making it easier to understand user preferences, navigation, and engagement levels.

Additionally, Clickstream Analytics on AWS provides a backend solution that facilitates data ingestion, processing, and visualization of clickstream data. Customers can deploy the AWS CloudFormation template into their accounts.

“In addition to the backend component, the solution provides you with purpose-built Java and Swift SDKs to integrate into your mobile applications. The SDKs automatically collects data and provide developers with an easy-to-use API to collect application-specific data. They manage the low-level tasks of buffering the data locally, sending them to the backend, managing the retries in case of communication errors, and more,” AWS explained.

Clickstream Analytics on AWS Launches to Enhance Data Visualization in Mobile and Web Apps
Clickstream Analytics on AWS architecture

Benefits of Clickstream Analytics on AWS

Clickstream Analytics on AWS is designed to improve the deployment process. The solution enables customers to deploy a scalable and reliable data pipeline in a couple of minutes. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective service that automatically adjusts to accommodate varying data volumes, and eliminates the need to allocate any resources. Clickstream Analytics on AWS also helps to ensure that customers retain full ownership of their data.

AWS customers can head over to the AWS Solutions Library to access Clickstream Analytics on AWS at no additional cost. Businesses will only need to pay for the actual AWS service usage, such as Amazon Redshift and Kinesis. If you’re interested, we invite you to take the Clickstream Analytics on AWS workshop for more details.