Install Hebrew on Windows 2000

How can I install and use Hebrew fonts on my Windows 2000 computer? Windows 2000 (and XP/2003/Vista) has the built-in ability to display Hebrew fonts on your system without the need to install language packs or special localized versions of the OS. To see Hebrew fonts on your Windows 2000 computer you MUST perform the…

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Download Windows 2000 Sysprep

Where can I download W2K Sysprep? The Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) Version 1.1 enables administrators to prepare Windows 2000 System Images as part of an automated deployment. Sysprep 1.1 is an update to Sysprep 1.0 and adds the ability to reduce the number of images required in a deployment by supporting multiple mass…

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Windows 2000/XP SP Reinstallation

  You do NOT have to Reinstall Windows 2000 or Windows XP Service Packs after system state changes… After you have installed the service pack, you do not need to reinstall it if you add a device or new software to your computer. For example, Windows 2000 and Windows XP include a file named,…

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Windows 2000/XP SP Deployment

  How can I install service packs on my Windows 2000/XP clients by means of Windows Installer and Group Policy? This scenario explains how to install the service pack from a shared distribution folder on a network by using Windows Installer. This installation method installs the service pack on computers that are already running Windows…

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Small Business Server 2000 Patches

  Required Patches – SP1/SP1a Small Business Server 2000 is based on the Windows 2000 platform, and incorporates Back Office 2000 products such as Exchange 2000 Server, ISA Server 2000, SQL 2000 Server and more. Because of that, virtually all Windows 2000, Exchange 2000, SQL 2000, ISA Server 2000 patches and service packs apply to…

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HFNetChk is a command-line tool that enables an administrator to check the patch status of all the machines in a network from a central location. The tool does this by referring to an XML database that’s constantly updated by Microsoft. HFNetChk can be run on Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 systems, and will scan…

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MCSA/MCSE on Windows 2000

Windows 2000 MCSA/MCSE track book recommendations I will keep this section updated as new titles appear on the market. For Windows 2003 MCSA/MCSE track related books and study guides see the MCSA/MCSE on Windows 2003 page. For Exchange 2000/2003 related books and study guides see the Exchange 2000/2003 page. More sections will follow. Book recommendations…

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