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Choosing between Virtual Private Network and Zero Trust Remote Access Solutions

As we enter a time of crisis that will see a significant number of employees asked to work from home, organizations need to provide effective but secure remote access to corporate resources. The tried and tested virtual private network (VPN) might seem like the obvious choice. But so called 'zero trust' is gaining popularity and could surpass traditional VPN access.

Mar 19, 2020|Russell Smith

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: March 13

Because of the Coronavirus, this edition of Short Takes looks at a lot of virus-related collateral damage, including Microsoft Build 2020, Apple’s retail stores, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s ability to manufacture hardware, and even the DOD JEDI contract. OK, that one isn’t related to the Coronavirus.

Mar 13, 2020|Paul Thurrott

Patch Tuesday – March 2020

The biggest Patch Tuesday in the company's history, this month Microsoft fixes 115 bugs. There's also a security advisory for a critical bug in SMBv3 and a patch for a flaw in the way Windows parses .LNK files. The bug could let an attacker run code regardless of whether a user opens the infected file.

Mar 12, 2020|Russell Smith

How FIDO2 Passwordless Logins Work in Hybrid Azure AD Environments

Microsoft is expanding support for passwordless logins to devices that are hybrid joined to Azure AD domains. In this article, I explain how FIDO2 security keys work in hybrid Azure AD environments.

Mar 11, 2020|Russell Smith

Microsoft Removes Standalone Security Update Causing Issues on Some PCs

Microsoft UEFI Revocation List File update causes problems on some devices. Here's what you need to know about the latest Windows Update problem.  

Mar 1, 2020|Russell Smith

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