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Exchange Online Protection’s Ongoing Battle Against Malware

It’s impossible for an email hygiene service like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to suppress every possible piece of malware that attempts to penetrate Office 365. Even the broad array of anti-malware techniques will let some small percentage of spam through. Email administrators need to be on guard all the time.

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Safety Tips Inserted by Exchange Online Protection Make Email Safer

Microsoft is introducing safety tips to Office 365 to highlight bad or suspicious email that might tempt users to do things that they shouldn’t. The initiative is good and valuable, but it rather loses some of its gloss because not all safety tips are exposed in Outlook. However, Microsoft is making sure that mobile and other clients see safety tips, even if not in the same interactive manner as is possible with OWA.

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Deployment of Exchange Online Expandable Archives Paused

Microsoft’s no-limit archive mailboxes were supposed to be available throughout Office 365 by now. As previously reported, the feature is available in some Office 365 datacenter regions but not others. Now word comes that Microsoft has paused the roll-out of the feature until sometime in the first quarter of 2017. What’s going on?

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