Add Volume Control in Windows XP

Where did the volume control icon disappear in Windows XP?

This is another stupid "feature" of Windows XP. I usually restore the volume control icon back to where it belongs: The notification area of the tray.

To display the volume control icon in the notification area:

  1. Open Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel.

  2. On the Volume tab, under Device volume, select the Place volume icon in the taskbar notification area check box.

If your sound card volume can be changed using software, a speaker icon appears in the notification area. You can change the volume by clicking the icon and adjusting the slider.

Just like in Windows 2000, you can also use Volume Control to adjust the volume, balance, bass, and treble settings for sounds played on your computer or by multimedia applications. You can also use Volume Control to adjust the level of system sounds, microphones, CD audio, line-in, synthesizer, and wave output.

volume small

To open Volume Control, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment, and then click Volume Control.