Visual Studio 2019 Now Available for PC and Mac, Includes Live Share

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 application is a core component of the tools the company provides to developers. The product is a benchmark in the industry and can be a one-stop-shop for many developers.

Starting today, the latest version, 2019, is now available for download. Building on the features of Visual Studio 2017, 2019 makes it easier to clone a Git repo or open an existing project. The updates for this edition also improves code navigation, document health indicators, and adds one-click processes to apply multiple refactoring rules.

In addition, there are also updates to the debugging experience, including data breakpoints for .NET Core apps that help you break only on value changes you’re looking for; it also includes AI-assisted code completion with Visual Studio IntelliCode.

Along with the release of Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Live Share is now generally available and is included with Visual Studio 2019. Live Share makes it significantly easier collaborate on your projects without the need to clone repos or setup environments specifically for reviewing code.

And for Mac users, Visual Studio 2019 is available with updates targeted at the core of the IDE. The company says this will help bring new features to the platform faster in the future, and that this update includes a new C# editor.

While Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has been making the headlines for the last year or so, Visual Studio is the core development suite from Microsoft that is used by millions of developers around the world. With 2019 now available, the company is continuing its efforts of trying to be the best development platform available to coders on any platform.