VeeamON’s Free Conference Will Help Accelerate Your Data Protection Strategy

Trends come and go but protecting your data and having the ability to easily restore items efficiently is a part of your business that can mean the difference between disaster and mild-hiccup. As we navigate the pandemic and employees bounce between home and work, data is more ‘in-flight’ than ever before.

If you are looking to educate yourself on industry best practices and to help improve the resiliency of your environment, you will want to pay attention to VeeamOn.

VeeamOn is a free virtual conference happening May 25th-26th for AMERS and EMEA and will cover everything from cloud-native backup to the future of backup and recovery. For those readers who are in the APJ region, the event will take place on the 26th-27tth.

With the more than 30 sessions from cybersecurity to cloud acceleration, Kubernetes, and backup and recovery – there is something for everyone.

Staying updated on the best practices in the industry is always a good use of time and considering that VeeamOn is free, it’s worth checking out. You can register for the event here or check out the agenda here too.