Upgrade from Alcatel SpeedTouch Home to Pro - Reader Notes

As you probably know by now, you can convert your Alcatel SpeedTouch Home ADSL modem to Pro. I’ve received a few notes from European based readers that say this guide helped them convert their modem, but the VPI/VCI settings for their ISPs were different than the ones listed on my Upgrade from Alcatel SpeedTouch Home to Pro guide.

Some European ISPs have other VPI/VCI settings. Please contact your ISP for more details if you cannot make it work with the above settings. Note that is you did get the settings right – they will have a yellow color. Furthermore, you cannot use the same settings twice even if they’re right. That’s why I asked you to delete all other entries.

Reader notes: Reader Pear Choo Hiang from Singapore wrote:

I have tried the SpeedTouch Home to a Pro version upgrade configuration here in Singapore. It works fine….

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Only thing that’s different is the VPI/VCI settings. It should be 0/100 for users using Singapore Broadband Services.

Thanks for all the wonderful tips….

Reader Deimos from Belgium wrote:

To upgrade the ‘Speed Touch Home to Pro’ modem in Belgium, the VPI/VCI settings should be 8/35.

Reader Joost Romanus from Belgium wrote:

I’ve been loosing hours and hours configuring my Alcatel SpeedTouch pro modem after the upgrade from a home version. Finally thanks to another website I found that for Belgium the VCI value is 35, probably also for the Netherlands. I also read somewhere that some companies use 67 for VCI.

Please add this to your manual, this will help a lot of other people.

Anyway thanks for your incredible database.

Reader Paul Conduit-Griffin from the UK wrote:

You’re a genius!

Could not get an old Alcatel SpeedTouch Home Dual Port modem to work. Was driving me nuts! Followed your instructions on upgrading to Pro and worked excellently. In UK the VPI/VCI settings are 0/38

Keep up the good work.

Reader Marc Rousseau from France wrote:

I thanks you very much for your instructions around the speedtouch (Home to Pro particularly). I did it and I can report that VPI/VCI should be 8/35 for France-Telecom.

Reader Marcellino E.B. Santoso from the Netherlands wrote:

In the Netherlands, at least with, they uses 8/48.

The configuration file (.ini) for the modem is supplied by KPN Telecom / MxStream, so I think it will be generalized nation-wide, since KPN still one of the biggest PSTN infrastructure provider among the others. Well, there are some other providers in the eastern, southern, and northern parts near the border line, but generally speaking the ADSL is provided “monopolized” by KPN. So once again, I THINK it’ll be the same :)

Reader Stef Regenboog from the Netherlands wrote:

The PVC (Permant Virtual Connection) settings for the four ADSL-networks in The Netherlands are as follows: – ADSL from KPN; VPI=8, VCI=48 Encapsulation=VC-MUX HDLC framing=never – Bbned VPI=0, VCI=35 Encapsulation=LLC/SNAP HDLC framing=never – Versatel VPI=0, VCI=32 Encapsulation=VC-MUX HDLC framing=never – BabyXL VPI=0, VCI=34 Encapsulation=LLC/SNAP HDLC framing=never

Reader Ronaldo Garrone from South America wrote:

Hello, Here in Brazil the configurations of VPI/VCI to broadband “Speedy Telefonica” are: VCI = 35 VPI = 8 Thanks for the tips!!

Reader Anthony Buttigieg from Malta wrote:

VPI/VCI settings for ISP’s in Malta are 8/48.

Reader Michael Mark from Austria wrote:

VPI/VCI settings for ISP’s in Austria are 8/48.

Reader Will Notpost from Germany wrote:

VPI/VCI settings for german telekom are: 1/32. Read this german article,39023192,20000703,00.htm

Reader Nadav from Israel wrote:

Hi Daniel. 2 links for Alcatel Guides, very helpful (I came across them trying to define QoS using telnet to the modem): very good for those who own alcatel and would like to configure them in an advanced way. 10x, Nadav (a former student ;)

Reader Thomas Gerlach from Belgium wrote:

Hi ! Based on Your tutorial I managed to upgrade my SpeedTouch Home to a Pro Version. So no more problems with my Linux machines (using Knoppix 4.0 or Suse 7.3) going online via PPP. Thank You !

Little hint for other users in Belgium: I succeeded using VPI=8 and VCI=35 for Belgacom :-)

First I had problems finding out the expert password using crc.exe, finally I succeeded typing:

crc “SpeedTouch (00-90-XY-XY-XY-XY)”

Without quotation marks the blank between the SpeedTouch and (…) string caused problems.


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