Train Signal launches new Windows 2008 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure video training courses

I just received two new video courses in the mail from Train Signal, and wanted to pass on my recommendation for both. One covers Active Directory for Windows Server 2008, and the other covers Network Infrastructure for Server 2008.

I have always been impressed by the quality of Train Signal’s courses, and based on my initial scan of the course outline, these uphold that quality standard.
The course on Active Directory in Server 2008 includes over 20 hours of instruction. Although it can be used to prepare for the 70-640, Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Exam, it also covers real-world problems like what to do when your Domain Controllers crash.

The course on Network Infrastructure for Server 2008 includes over 14 hours of instruction that can be used to prepare for the 70-642, Configuring Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Exam. Like the other course, it also includes plenty of practical knowledge like how to control access to the data on your network, and how to simplify the process of keeping all of your computers up to date.

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