If an Office 365 Disaster Happened, What Would You Do?

A question none of us like to think about too much is what we would do if a natural or man-made disaster took out Office 365 and disrupted service for an extended period. The good news is that the way Microsoft has built out Office 365 into datacenter regions helps to limit the effect of any outage, but the fact still remains that something bad could happen. What would you do then?

Last Update: Nov 04, 2022


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Understanding Microsoft 365 Data, What is and Is Not Your Responsibility

Last Update: Oct 07, 2022

When people talk about the security of data in Microsoft 365, invariably phrase you’ll hear – and I don’t know who coined it – “the cloud is just someone else’s computer”. When someone says it to me, I literally have to stop myself from saying “…but actually” before we both explode into memes. Microsoft 365…

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