AWS Panorama

AWS Panorama Provides Computer Vision

by Michael Otey

This past October 20th, 2021 Amazon announced the general availability of their new AWS Panorama appliance. Adding to their ever increasing number of on-premises solutions, AWS Panorama shows exactly how seriously AWS takes the hybrid cloud market. What is AWS Panorama? The AWS Panorama appliance is a computer vision (CV) appliance that uses Machine Learning (ML) to… Read More

13 Email Threat Types to Know About Right Now

As email threats evolve and multiply, keeping track of them all—and staying protected against the many different types—becomes a complex challenge. Today, that requires more than just the traditional email gateway solution that used to be good enough.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • What are the most common and challenging email attacks for organizations?
  • How to defend against sophisticated email threats, such as spoofing, social engineering, and fraud
  • How to protect employees at the inbox level with the right technologies and security-awareness training
  • How to use a multilayered protection strategy to reduce susceptibility to email attacks and better defend your business and employees

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