Stephen L Rose Joins as Chief Technology Strategist

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I’m delighted to announce that Stephen L Rose has joined as Chief Technology Strategist. For those who don’t know Stephen, for fourteen years he led Microsoft deployment, adoption, and usage of Windows, Office, OneDrive, and Teams and Co-Pilot for IT professionals worldwide. And Stephen currently holds over 15 Microsoft and CompTIA technical certifications.

Stephen L Rose

As part of his new role as Chief Technology Strategist at Petri, Stephen will be producing a new twice-monthly podcast, UnplugIT, where he will be interviewing a range of guests from across the industry, including leaders and decision makers at Microsoft and many of the clients that he’s worked with over the years.

Here’s more about the new podcast:

UnplugIT! with host Stephen Rose

UnplugIT! is an IT professional focused webcast hosted by IT influencer, 15-year Microsoft veteran, and Chief Technology Strategist, Stephen Rose. Stephen focused on leading the efforts to help IT pros, technical decision makers, developers, understand the ins and outs of piloting, deploying, managing, securing, and driving adoption of technologies like Windows, Office 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and other products.

His previous webcast, “Inside Microsoft Teams”, where he sat down with IT leaders from Lego, Polaris, Special Olympics, AEG, Kent State University, and more garnered over 2 million views in just over 18 months.

In these new webcasts, Stephen goes beyond just Teams and sits down with industry experts to explore the latest trends, best practices to help our audience understand first-hand, the do’s, don’ts, and gotchas to get the most out of your tech investments.

Unplugging What’s Next for Teams 2.0

Check out the first episode, where Stephen talks to Microsoft’s Anupam Pattnaik, Product Lead for Teams. In this inaugural show, Stephen and Anupam discuss how IT can control access to the new Teams experience for end users, when Teams 2.0 will become the default experience for everyone, when the new client will reach feature parity with classic Teams, and when Teams 2.0 will be available for other platforms, like MacOS and web. And more!

If you’d like to see the rest of season one as episodes become available, please subscribe to the UnplugIT YouTube channel. Upcoming episodes will feature among others:

  • Christina Warren talking about GitHub for IT Pros
  • Understanding the new era of  Security, Chips and Device with Frank Buchholts
  • Understanding Microsoft Syntex with Chris McNulty
  • And many more!

The Editorial team at Petri is looking forward to working with Stephen over the coming months to produce invaluable content for IT Pros that we hope you will find not only interesting but also entertaining. So don’t miss out and subscribe to UnplugIT on YouTube now! And don’t forget to hit the bell icon to make sure you are notified when new episodes are published.