SharePoint’s Future Continues to Look Bright

Sharepoint Hero

If you would go back about five years and tell me that SharePoint would be growing quickly and have a wide range of fans of the platform, I’d think you are crazy. At that time, SharePoint felt disconnected and functionally, it could be tough to manage.

Fast forward to today and the platform looks to be growing at a healthy rate and Microsoft has successfully managed to move a significant number of users from on-premises to its cloud solution. At Ignite today, I had the chance to talk with Seth Patton of Microsoft and he shared a number of stats highlighting how well the platform is performing.

For starters, there are now 300,000 organizations using the platform as part of Office 365; this is up from 250,000 from May of this year. In addition, 65% of all SharePoint seats are online with about 35% on-premises remaining. While Microsoft would not specifically say this, the remaining 35% of SharePoint users can likely be classified as the legacy at this point as the future of the platform is in the cloud.

I know it may seem odd to get excited about SharePoint, but the platform has a serious following and is one of the quiet services that Microsoft has that is a huge business for the company. The collaboration platform is adding features (read about some of them here) at a feverish pace and its penetration into the enterprise world is growing deeper with each passing month.

The future of SharePoint continues to look bright and for those that are spending big bucks to build out sites inside their own firewall, the longevity of the platform is no longer in question.