The Future of Application Delivery in a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, and Microservices World

Previously recorded on March 18, 2020

Companies of all sizes are migrating to using multiple cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and DigitalOcean and hybrid delivery methods (on-prem vm’s / off-prem cloud) for application deployment. But, these trends pose management, deployment and observability challenges for infrastructure, Dev and DevOps pro’s.

In this webinar Snapt CTO and industry expert, Dave Blakey will unpack the current and future state of ADC’s and Load Balancers and the challenges in delivering multi-cloud, multi-platform and cloud-native applications. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Comparing the difference in load balancing architectures for traditional vs cloud-native and microservices-based app developments
  • How to Decrease deployment and configuration time using a centrally managed, hosted ADC platform
  • Applying AI-based routing to dramatically increase application efficiency, scalability, security and costs
  • Using advanced real time telemetry to better manage and secure critical apps

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Dave Blakey

Founder and CEO of Snapt

Brad Sams

Executive Editor of &

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