Building a Better Backup Solution

Previously recorded on October 13, 2015

Every day, your organization is creating more data that is critical to the operational success of your company. Making sure that you have a proper backup solution to recover data is not only important, it’s vital to the long term success of your business.

Even though users are creating more mission critical data than we have ever seen in the past, that doesn’t mean your backup solution has to be expensive. In this webinar we cover a wide range of options about how you can effectively backup your content without breaking the bank.

The solutions we will cover will take into account being highly fault-tolerant, mindful of high performance, and assurance that your data will be available when you need it.

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Mike Resseler

Mike Resseler is a Product Strategy Specialist for Veeam.

Max Kolomyeytsev

Max Kolomyeytsev, StarWind Virtual SAN Product Manager has 8+ years of QA and technical support experience at StarWind and over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He also hosts the StarWind Webinar Series and is an active member on SpiceWorks.