Reboot Alcatel SpeedTouch from Script

How can I reboot my Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro by using a shortcut or a script?
Sometimes you’ll need to reboot your modem in order to make is synchronize with your network carrier, or just to save changes you’ve made to its’ configuration.
The easiest way I’ve found it to use a simple Telnet script. The problem is that Windows Telnet client does not allow to enter scripted commands, so I had to look elsewhere.

To my surprise I came up with a small program made by Albert Yale a long time ago, called Telnet Scripting Tool – TST (191 kb).
This program will let you create a text file with commands, and enter them with your Telnet program.

I’ve created a text file called reboot.txt and placed it in the TST folder:

​ 23
WAIT "User :"
SEND "\m"
WAIT "\m"
SEND "system\m"
WAIT "\m"
SEND "reboot\m"
WAIT "\m"

I then created a shortcut to the TST program:
C:\TST\TST10.exe /r:reboot.txt
(Change the folder location to match your own).
You can also create a shortcut for this operation in the Quick Launch area for quicker reboots.
That’s it!


Albert Yale’s Good Old Software