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Pre-configure Mailbox Language

How can I pre-configure the default language for the folder names inside my mailbox?

If you use Microsoft Outlook Web Access to log on to a mailbox for the very first time, the following folders are always created in English:

  • Calendar
  • Journal
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Contacts

Only the standard Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) folders are localized, which are:

  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Sent Items
  • Deleted Items

To pre-configure user’s mailboxes with a pre-defined language you need to create a new registry setting that can be set to select one of the following languages:

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The new value is called: DefaultLCIDForCDO1, type: REG_DWORD

The value for this is the Local ID (LCID) that the Outlook Web Access clients use and want their Outlook folder names in. For example, for Japanese Outlook Web Access clients, this value should be set to 0x0411. The legal values for this are listed below (Note: Make sure you enter these values in Hex, not Decimal notation!!!):

0x0409: //English (US) 0x0809: //English (Britain) 0x1009: //English (Canada) 0x1409: //English (New Zealand) 0x0C09: //English (Australia) 0x1809: //English (Ireland) 0x1C09: //English (South Africa) 0x2009: //English (Jamaica) 0x2409: //English (Caribbean) 0x040C: //French (Standard) 0x080C: //French (Belgium) 0x100C: //French (Switzerland) 0x0C0C: //French (Canada) 0x140C: //French (Luxembourg) 0x0407: //German (Standard) 0x0807: //German (Switzerland) 0x0C07: //German (Austria) 0x1007: //German (Luxembourg) 0x1407: //German (Liechtenstein) 0x0411: //Japanese 0x080A: //Spanish (Mexico) 0x040A: //Spanish (Traditional) 0x0C0A: //Spanish (Modern)

To install the fix, perform the following steps on the computer where Outlook Web Access is installed:

  1. Stop the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
  2. Replace Cdo.dll under Winroot\System32.
  3. Add the above registry key and value.
  4. Restart IIS.

After that, every client logging on for the first time gets the folder names in the language chosen by the registry key.


OWA Creates English Special Folders (Contacts, Calendar …) During First Logon – 230273

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