My new job – VP Technologies for ObserveIT – Enterprise Scale Window Session Recording

The following is a personal update from Daniel Petri, MVP:”Record

Hi all. I’ve started a new job today, as VP Technologies for ObserveIT.
ObserveIT is an Israeli-based company founded in 2006 which has created a patented technology that answers one of the toughest questions in IT “Who last accessed the server and what did he do”. ObserveIT simplifies the process of auditing, monitoring and recording of secure remote access VPN SSL and RDP sessions activity across the enterprise. The first time I saw a demo of ObserveIT I had to manually shut my jaw. It was just amazing, and you know me, I’m not impressed that fast.
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The Audit software allows the capturing of all human interaction with the server/workstation, and the most cool part of it is that it indexes all the screenshots, including extensive meta-data, allowing easy textual searches through the database and of course replaying recorded sessions. This way, if you suspect that anyone (vendors, developers etc…) made a change on one of the servers/applications (virtually ANY application), you can perform a search of all the human interactions with that server/application during the previous X hours/days, and easily see what where the actions that were performed on the server. Clicking on the action will bring you to the exact point in time of the captured video, allowing you to see exactly what that user did, and what he did right before and after that point.

But hold on, that’s not all. You can also search for all the similar actions that the user performed across your entire enterprise, because you may rightfully assume that if he did it once, he might have done it again elsewhere. This feature allows you to be sure he did not do it, and if he did, you can easily find out about it BEFORE your servers go down due to this misconfiguration.
If you want to see what Observe can provide, both for System Administrators as well as in the area of Compliance Solutions, see this 3 minute demo.
I will probably write more about my experience with ObserveIT in upcoming articles.
So, if any of you guys are interested in learning more, or even of getting a demo set up for you wherever you guys work, contact me and I’ll set you up. Trust me, once you see it work, you will want it!  My contact details are listed on the feedback page.
Record and audit Terminal sessions with ObserveIT