Microsoft’s Finalizing Creators Update, Redstone 3 Development is Around the Corner

Windows 10 Hero Good

This spring, Microsoft will be releasing an update for Windows 10 called the Creators update. Despite the name being targeted at consumers, Microsoft is going to be bringing several enterprise features to the platform that will improve security; you can read about all those features here.

For those who like to understand what is happening internally at Microsoft around the development of Windows 10, specifically this update, the company is crunching down on completing the foundation for this release. Specifically, in mid-January, all code relating to foundational work must be completed and UI elements must be completed shortly thereafter.

Microsoft has said publicly that the release will arrive this spring and with code completion being finished in January, this means that the second half of winter will be dedicated to bug smashing and stability. While there is no definitive timeline on how long this will all take, it will be roughly eight weeks, based on prior testing cycles.

After the code completion milestone is reached for the Creators update, codenamed Redstone 2, the engineering teams will shift their priorities to Redstone 3. While nothing publicly has been stated about when this iteration of Windows 10 will be released, Microsoft appears to be looking to squeeze in another large update this year; a similar cycle to the first release of Windows 10 that had two large updates in the first year.

Of course, these timelines are subject to change but this should provide a bit of clarity about how Microsoft is approaching 2017 when it comes to Windows development.