Microsoft Brings Windows 365 Cloud PCs to VMware Horizon Cloud

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft has announced a new partnership with VMware to bring its Windows 365 Cloud PCs to more customers.
  • Microsoft launched a new solution that integrates the Windows 365 service with VMware Horizon Cloud.
  • The integration enables users to access virtual Windows 10 or Windows 11 desktops remotely on any device.

Microsoft has unveiled an ambitious new chapter in its partnership with none other than VMware. The company announced today a new solution that blends the Windows 365 service seamlessly into VMware Horizon Cloud.

VMware Horizon Cloud is a managed Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that allows organizations to provide virtual desktops and applications to end users. It enables IT admins to create virtual instances of desktop operating systems, which can be accessed by users remotely. The service can be deployed on a variety of cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Other capabilities included in VMware Horizon Cloud are integration with existing systems, simplified management, and much more.

With the new integration, enterprise customers can now access their virtual Windows 10 or Windows 11 desktops on any device remotely. Microsoft Intune lets IT admins deploy, configure, as well as manage Cloud PCs. It also helps to automate the installation process of the Horizon agent.

“This collaboration brings the VMware Blast Extreme protocol and VMware gateway to Windows 365 Cloud PCs by using the same simple deployment and management capabilities that current Windows 365 customers expect—all while taking advantage of VMware’s remoting features and hybrid deployment capabilities. Microsoft Intune will still handle the provisioning and configuration of these Cloud PCs, streamlining management for IT admins,” Microsoft explained.

Windows 365 integration with VMware Horizon Cloud available in public preview

Microsoft notes that organizations can sign up for a public preview of Horizon’s support of Windows 365 on the official VMware website. The new Windows 365 integration offers several advantages for existing VMware Horizon customers. These include support for peripherals, a streamlined delivery experience for both legacy and on-premises applications via App Volumes, and more.

Microsoft has recently announced the public preview of Windows 365 Switch. The feature allows users to switch between the local Windows 11 installation and a Windows 365 PC with a single click. Currently, Windows 365 Switch is only available for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.