Microsoft’s New Viva Engage App Now Available on iOS and Android

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Microsoft announced yesterday that its Yammer mobile apps for iOS and Android have now been rebranded as Viva Engage. The new app should make it easier for employees to connect with coworkers, find and share content and engage in communities.

Viva Engage is an evolution of the Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams that launched back in July 2022. The new service is designed to enable organizations to connect and engage with their employees. Viva Engage provides several tools to help employees with community building, self-expression, knowledge sharing, and leadership engagement.

Microsoft has decided to eliminate the Yammer brand because having two separate social platforms was confusing for enterprise customers. This situation also made it challenging for IT admins to promote adoption and provide clarity for end users.

“With the new Viva Engage app on iOS and Android, you can stay connected with your colleagues, get updates on important projects, and share information easily, all from your mobile device. The app comes with a modern interface, support for device-specific features, and an improved user experience,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft's New Viva Engage App Now Available on iOS and Android

Getting started with the Viva Engage mobile app

Microsoft highlights that the new Viva Engage app lets users view important announcements and messages directly from their mobile devices. It also makes it easier for users to participate in org-wide communities on the go. The Viva Engage app lets users upload videos and photos and react to messages from the notifications. It’s also possible to participate in Live Events while using other applications.

Microsoft says that users can download the new Viva Engage app from Google’s Play Store and the App Store. Meanwhile, existing users will need to update their Yammer app to see new features and the Viva Engage branding. “The App Store and Play Store listings will continue to carry a reference to Yammer, as will the push notifications until is rebranded later this year,” Microsoft added.