Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Brings Support for .NET MAUI and Azure Container Apps

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Microsoft has announced the release of Visual Studio 2022 17.3. The latest update brings a slew of new features for developers such as support for .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), a new Teams Toolkit, and Azure Container Apps.

First up, Microsoft has introduced support for .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) support in Visual Studio 2022. This top-requested feature was previously available in public preview, and it should help developers quickly build cross-platform apps from a single codebase.

“We’ve built tools to help you develop your .NET MAUI apps without slowing you down. Hot Reload, Live Visual Tree and XAML Live Preview speed up your development time by allowing you to apply code changes and see them immediately. With XAML Hot Reload you can make changes to your UI and see them in the running app right away. With .NET Hot Reload you can make changes to your code, save, and see those changes as well,” the Visual Studio team explained.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Brings Support for .NET MAUI and Azure Container Apps

Microsoft has also released a new Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio 2022. It enables developers to create new applications for Microsoft Teams. For instance, it is possible to build a notification bot for posting important messages in chats and channels. Developers can also create a command bot for responding to chat commands.

Visual Studio 2022 17.3 adds C++ improvements and Azure Container Apps support

The latest Visual Studio update brings a new feature that introduces low-priority builds for C++. This feature is designed to reduce CPU usage during the code compilation process. Moreover, this release brings support for the new Azure Container Apps service. It can either be configured for direct deployment or with GitHub Actions.

Microsoft has also made some improvements to Live Unit Testing. These include a setup wizard, reliable builds as well as support for various solutions. Developers can now cancel redundant test runs and track the progress in the Live Unit Testing Window status bar.

Last but not least, Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now available in preview. “Version 17.4 will be the first version of Visual Studio generally available as a native Arm64 application. It will also be the third long term servicing channel (LTSC) version supported for 18 months from its release,” Microsoft noted.