Microsoft Unleashes A U-SQL Submarine To Go Diving Through Your Data Lake


Microsoft is one of the key players in the cloud computing market who has the capability to work with data at significant scale and this week, the company announced U-SQL support, a language that makes processing big data easier.

Earlier this year, Microsoft started pushing the idea of data lakes. These lakes are large repositories of data but if you are not using this information to its fullest capabilities, the lakes can turn into a swamp. The idea has a bit of merit as if you are not properly harnessing all the information in your databases through machine learning and proper filtering, then you are missing out on possible business opportunities and efficiencies.

U-SQL is a language that unifies the benefits of SQL with the expressive capabilities of using your own code. Microsoft says that U-SQL’s scalable and distributed query capability allows it to efficiently analyze data stored in and across relational stores including Azure SQL Database.

U-SQL is the latest feature Microsoft is introducing to help its users make sense of the terabytes and petabytes of information that is stored in databases. The company says their goal is to make Azure Data Lake the most productive environment for authoring, debugging and optimizing analytics at any scale and U-SQL is one more piece of the puzzle to achieve this goal.

If you want to read more about why the company chose U-SQL and to see example code of the new feature, you can check out the announcement post, here.