Microsoft Teams Premium Gets Major Enhancements to Boost Collaboration

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams Premium now offers improved AI-powered intelligent recaps with the introduction of chapters and topics.
  • Meeting organizers can access valuable insights into audience interaction through the new Engagement Analytics capabilities.
  • Microsoft Teams Premium lets IT admins configure policies for automatic background blur and proactively monitor meeting quality.

Microsoft Teams Premium is getting a new update with a suite of new features to improve the meeting and collaboration experience. From AI-enhanced meeting recaps to advanced engagement analytics and more customizable control for IT admins, these additions promise to streamline communication for organizations.

Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on license that provides AI-powered capabilities to improve the meeting experience for organizations. The new premium tier includes intelligent meetings and webinars, virtual appointments, and advanced management and reporting capabilities for IT administrators. It also offers several security features, like watermarking support and labeling sensitive content during meetings.

Microsoft Teams has enhanced the AI-powered intelligent recap experience by introducing chapters and topics. The feature will also add support for several new languages in November, including French, Arabic (Preview), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, and Hebrew (Preview). Microsoft has added a new feature that will let participants view live translated meeting transcripts on the transcript side pane during Teams meetings.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams Premium is getting new engagement analytics capabilities that enable meeting organizers to gain insights into audience interaction. The Attendance tab will let organizers view information like raised hands, total reactions, chats, unmutes, and cameras turned on.

Microsoft Teams Premium Gets a Big Update to Enhance Collaboration
Microsoft Teams Premium AI generated chapters and topics

Microsoft is bringing new webinar capabilities for Teams Premium customers. This release lets organizers customize email communications such as registration invites, waitlist emails, and registration invites. With engagement insights, organizers can understand how well their content performs and access in-depth engagement metrics.

Microsoft Teams Premium gets new management controls

Microsoft Teams Premium now lets IT admins enable meeting experiences to align with the specific requirements of their organization. They can configure a policy to automatically enable background blur for meeting participants who haven’t enabled it or selected a background. Once enabled, users will have the option to either disable the blur effect or choose from pre-approved backgrounds.

Microsoft Teams Premium Gets a Big Update to Enhance Collaboration
Proactively monitor meeting quality

Lastly, Microsoft says that IT admins can proactively monitor meeting quality to identify video, audio, and app-sharing issues during Teams meetings. These insights are based on real-time meeting telemetry data available in the Teams Admin Center.

Microsoft Teams Premium is currently offered at an introductory rate of $7 per user per month until December 31, 2023. Moreover, organizations have the option to sign up for a free trial, which includes 25 licenses for a 30-day period.