Microsoft to Re-Org Sales Team, Layoffs Expected

microsoft hero

Today is the final day of the fiscal calendar year for Microsoft which means the company is working to close the ledgers and the sale’s team is trying to book any last minute deals before the end of the day. But, as the company has done many times before, the end of the fiscal year also means a change to the org structure.

This year, it looks like Microsoft is planning to change up the organizational structure for its sales operations, according to Dina Bass. She notes that this will impact Judson Althoff and JP Courtois’s group and that layoffs are expected.

Microsoft has historically announced layoffs and org changes in early July and this year appears to be no different. Seeing as Kevin Turner left Microsoft, he lead the sales team from 2005-2016, large changes to the org structure have been expected for some time.

This may not be the only organization impacted this year as rumors have been circling for some time that there may be larger changes impacting other areas like Windows too. As Microsoft’s ranks continue to swell with acquisitions and older products like Windows not growing at historical rates, it’s easier to boost margins by cutting expenditures than selling more SKUs of the OS.

As for the number of employees impacted by the upcoming changes, that is not yet known. Seeing as the company should be announcing these changes in the very near future, we likely won’t have to wait too much longer to learn more about the details of these changes.