Microsoft, Moody’s Partner to Empower Financial Services with Generative AI Tools

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Microsoft has announced a new strategic partnership with New York-based financial risk assessment firm Moody’s. The company explained that the deal will enable Moody’s to bring generative AI capabilities to its enterprise solutions.

Moody’s plans to use Azure OpenAI service to build new research and risk assessment products and services in order to improve data and risk management. The company has deployed a new internal tool called “Moody’s CoPilot” to its 14,000 employees worldwide. The AI-powered research assistant will make it easier for employees to query and access data with large language models (LLMs).

According to Microsoft, Moody’s Copilot will let customers quickly summarize information from different data sources. For instance, the tool will combine economic forecasts, credit indicators, risk and reputational profiles, and firmographic data to generate a detailed analysis of a specific sector or organization. The integration of Moody’s data with AI models will also enable users to receive contextual and informative answers to their questions.

Moody’s has also announced its plans to embrace the Microsoft Fabric data management platform that launched in May 2023. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools that enables enterprise customers to store, manage and analyze data. Microsoft Fabric integrates with Power BI, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Moody’s adopts Microsoft Teams to improve productivity and collaboration

Last but not least, Moody’s will use Microsoft Teams to create a new collaboration platform for its employees and customers. The app will help to streamline and automate manual workflows and summarize information from multiple data sources.

“Our partnership will bring together world-class insights from Moody’s with the capabilities, trust and breadth of Microsoft Cloud — including Azure OpenAI Service, Fabric and Teams — to enable next-gen solutions that will unlock powerful business intelligence and transform productivity and collaboration,” said Bill Borden, CVP of worldwide financial services at Microsoft.

In related news, Microsoft has recently announced a new partnership with Rubrik to accelerate incident response with generative AI. This move will help to reduce the time required to investigate and determine responses to cyberattacks.