Microsoft Fabric Adds New Security Features, Copilot Improvements

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Fabric has introduced enhanced data security features through integration with Microsoft Purview.
  • Copilot in Fabric now boasts streamlined data analysis with the addition of DAX query view support.
  • Microsoft Fabric is getting new third-party integrations, including shortcuts to cloud-based data sources.

Microsoft has recently announced a slew of new capabilities coming to Microsoft Fabric. The company highlighted improvements aimed at bolstering data security, analytics, and governance for commercial customers.

Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end data analytics platform that allows businesses to manage their data analytics needs and workflows. The service is built around a data lake called OneLake, and it brings together various new and pre-existing data tools and technologies from Azure Synapse, Power BI, and Azure Data Factory into a single solution. Microsoft Fabric is designed for developers, data scientists/engineers, administrators, managers, and business/data analysts.

Improve data security with Microsoft Purview

Last year, Microsoft announced a new Fabric integration with the Microsoft Purview Data Governance solution. The company has now detailed its plans to bring Purview’s data loss prevention capabilities to Microsoft Fabric. Microsoft will first roll out this capability to Fabric Lakehouses.

Microsoft will soon release a new feature that will let administrators enforce access permissions to protect sensitive information in Microsoft Fabric. Additionally, the data analytics platform is getting support for Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management capabilities.

Updates for Copilot in Fabric

Microsoft has also announced some new capabilities coming to Copilot in Fabric. The DAX query view feature has added support for the Copilot AI assistant in preview. DAX query view is a powerful tool that allows users to build semantic models with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) queries. Microsoft will also add a new button to the Explore view, which will allow users to generate summaries of the semantic model to help them get started.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to bring a new Copilot feature to let users ask questions about Fabric data with natural language commands. Users can add more tables, configure settings, and provide additional context to improve the Q&A experience.

Integrations with third-party services

Last but not least, Microsoft detailed several new third-party integrations coming to Microsoft Fabric. A new feature allows users to create shortcuts to cloud-based data sources that are compatible with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 service. Microsoft also plans to roll out more OneLake shortcuts for various on-premise S3-compatible data sources, including Dell ECS, MinIO, Qumulo, and Cloudflare.

Microsoft Fabric Adds New Security Features, Copilot Improvements
External data-sharing experience for Microsoft Fabric (Image credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft also plans to introduce a new feature that will let organizations share objects from their Fabric environments with external users. It will be possible for external users to access it in their Fabric tenants. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can sign up for a free trial of Microsoft Fabric on this page.