Microsoft Edge Version 116 is Out With New Edge for Business Experience

Microsoft Edge

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft Edge version 116 introduces a new Edge for Business experience for enterprise customers.
  • The feature includes enhanced IT controls encompassing compliance measures, data loss prevention, and secure access through virtual private networks (VPNs) on mobile devices.
  • The latest update includes a novel feature to attach the Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop.

Microsoft Edge has just rolled out version 116, and it’s not just another humdrum update. This new version takes the enterprise experience up a notch with “Edge for Business,” blending the power of secure access, enhanced IT controls, and a sidebar that users can pin to their desktops.

Microsoft Edge for Business is a dedicated work experience that allows users to better separate their personal and work web browsing experiences. It comes with a dedicated icon and other visual elements to set it apart from the traditional Edge interface. The feature automatically opens all work-related sites as well as sites that require a work login will open in Edge for Business. However, automatic switching is an optional feature and it’s currently limited in functionality.

“With native enterprise grade security, productivity, manageability, and AI built in, Edge for Business enables organizations to maximize productivity and security, and offers the ability to create separation between work and personal browsing with automatic switching between the lightly managed personal browser window (MSA profile) and the work browser window (Microsoft Entra ID),” Microsoft explained in the release notes.

With Microsoft Edge for Business, IT admins can get access to compliance controls that can be applied to personal and work browser sessions. They can enable features like information rights management and data loss prevention. Microsoft Edge for Business provides secure and seamless access to corporate resources with virtual private networks (VPNs) on mobile devices. You can check out the Microsoft Edge for Business FAQ document for more details.

New option to attach the Microsoft Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop

Microsoft Edge version 116 allows users to pin the Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop. The new opt-in experience lets users access their sites and applications directly from the desktop on Windows 10 PCs. This new capability seems to work similarly to the current implementation of the Windows Copilot Preview on Windows 11 Insider builds, which just pins an Edge sidebar to the desktop. IT admins can use the “StandaloneHubsSidebarEnabled” policy to manage the availability of this feature in their organization.

Lastly, Microsoft Edge 116 brings a new policy for IT Pros as well as fixes for several bugs and performance issues. Microsoft has also released new security patches to address two vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-38158 and CVE-2023-36787) in the Edge browser. We invite you to check out the full release notes for more details.