Microsoft Releases AI-Powered Code Optimizations to Monitor .NET Apps

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Microsoft has announced the public preview of Code Optimizations for Azure Monitor. The new AI-powered service enables customers to detect CPU and memory usage performance issues with their .NET apps and services.

Microsoft first introduced the Code Optimizations feature (previously called Optimization Insights) in a limited preview back in March 2022. It’s part of the Azure Application Insights extension that uses telemetry data for application performance monitoring tasks.

How does Code Optimization work?

Code Optimizations works with Application Insights Profiler and utilizes advanced AI algorithms to track performance issues, including high CPU, memory usage, and incorrect API usage. It analyzes the application’s profile traces to offer insights and recommendations to enhance performance.

“By learning from these traces, the model can glean patterns corresponding to various performance issues seen in .NET applications and learn from the expertise of performance engineers at Microsoft. This enables our AI model to pinpoint with accuracy a wide range of performance issues in your app and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to fix them,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Releases AI-Powered Code Optimizations to Monitor .NET Apps

Microsoft highlighted the Code Optimizations feature helps to save the time and effort that was previously required to find complex performance issues. It should also enhance the reliability and speed of the .NET application or cloud service. Code Optimizations enables customers to make informed decisions about optimizing the source code.

How to use Code Optimizations in Azure Monitor?

To get started with Code Optimizations, users will need to follow the steps listed below:

  • First, sign up to use the Application Insights feature and configure application profiling for the .NET app or cloud service.
  • Select the Application Insights Performance blade and click the Code Optimizations option available on the top menu.
Microsoft Releases AI-Powered Code Optimizations to Monitor .NET Apps

Microsoft’s new Optimizations Insights feature is available at no additional cost for enterprise customers. However, Microsoft has warned that organizations may need to pay some indirect costs connected with Application Insights.