M365 Changelog: Enabling Azure Application Admin role for App Management across Microsoft 365 suite products

MC544391 – Microsoft allows admins to manage third party store apps and Line of Business apps across various M365 suite products from Integrated Apps blade in M365 Admin Center. Currently Integrated Apps access is limited to Global Admins, Global Reader Admins and Exchange Admins. Now, Microsoft is also allowing Azure Application Administrators to access Integrated Apps page and manage apps for their organization. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88942

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When this will happen:

Microsoft will begin rolling out in early May and expect to complete rollout by mid-May.

How this will affect your organization:

With this release, all existing Azure Application Administrators in your tenant would be able to access Integrated Apps blade in M365 Admin Center. Azure Application Admins would only be able to manage Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word add-ins, Teams Apps that work across Outlook and Microsoft 365 app, and SaaS Apps. They would also be able to perform following actions in the Integrated Apps page:

  • View list of all the deployed apps across mentioned M365 suite products.
  • Deploy an app from AppSource to specific users/groups or entire tenant.
  • Deploy a custom Line Of Business app.
  • Consent to exchange permissions for app deployment.
  • Consent to delegated permissions for MSGraph.
  • Update user assignment for deployed app.
  • Remove deployment of an app.
  • Update apps requiring admin consent, except for application permission for MSGraph.
  • Allow Teams app that work across Outlook and Microsoft 365 to be deployed by all users in the tenant.
  • Block Teams app that work across Outlook and Microsoft 365 from being used in the tenant.

What you need to do to prepare:

Please review and update the Azure Application Administrator role assignment to the correct set of users who should have access for application management capabilities.

Educate future Azure Application Administrators regarding app management from Integrated Apps page.

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