Microsoft Adds 440,000 Windows 10 Users Per Day During Last Seven Months

Windows 10 Hero Good

Microsoft has announced today at Build that the company’s latest desktop operating system has reached 500 million monthly active users. This milestone comes about 650 days after the OS was released to consumers but the one question we don’t know is how many corporations are adopting the OS.

For comparison, Windows 7 reached 630 million installs in 983 days which equates to about 640,000 copies being sold every day whereas with Windows 10, the OS is running about 769,000 active users being added each day since its release. But, these numbers don’t tell the entire story and we can get a better adoption rate of Windows 10 since we have additional figures to utilize.

On September 26th, Microsoft told us that there were 400 million Windows 10 active users and with today’s announcement of 500 million active users, this is a span of 226 days since the two figures were announced. Using these numbers, Microsoft added 442,447 new users to Windows 10 during that time period.

Sure, the adoption rate has cooled from the initial release of the OS but that’s expected as Windows 10 is no longer a spring chicken. That being said, the OS is still growing at a healthy rate but what I really want to know is at what rate are corporations adopting the OS.

Windows 7 is entering the later phases of its lifecycle which means large corporations need to start moving more aggressively to the OS as it’s not expected that Microsoft will extend the lifecycle of the software like they did with Windows XP.

If the 500 million figure is representative of large corporations moving to Windows 10, then this figure is not a rosy as it may seem. But, if large corporations have not yet adopted the OS and this install-base is largely made up of consumers, then Windows 10 will continue its strong growth for the foreseeable future.