Google Adds Support for Passkeys to Protect Google Accounts

Google has started rolling out its passkey technology to Google accounts across all platforms. The feature allows users to log into any of their accounts with passkeys instead of passphrases and multifactor authentication (MFA).

A passkey is an authentication feature that enables users to securely access apps and services. It’s designed to let users authenticate through a facial or fingerprint ID or PIN on computers or phones. Passkeys rely on a robust security mechanism that links login credentials to their device.

Previously, Google allowed users to utilize passkeys as a part of the two-factor authentication process for their accounts. The latest update enables users to use passkeys to sign into Google websites. Currently, passkeys work alongside other authentication mechanisms, such as hardware security keys and passwords.

Why Google accounts should be protected with passkeys?

Unlike passwords, passkeys bring several security benefits to secure Google accounts. The feature helps to protect devices against brute force attacks, phishing campaigns, and other security threats. Moreover, it’s a convenient authentication method that eliminates the need to remember passwords. The passkeys are stored locally on the device, which ensures that the data is not shared with Google or any other third-party entities.

“Passkeys are still new and it will take some time before they work everywhere. However, creating a passkey today still comes with security benefits as it allows us to pay closer attention to the sign-ins that fall back to passwords. Over time, we’ll increasingly scrutinize these as passkeys gain broader support and familiarity,” Google explained.

Google Adds Support for Passkeys to Protect Google Accounts

How to enable Google passkeys on Android devices

To get started with passkeys, head over to the passkey setup page and then use the existing password to sign into the Google account. Click the “Use passkeys” button available in the center of the screen.

Last year, Microsoft, Google, and Apple announced their passkey initiative aimed at a passwordless future. PayPal, Docusign, eBay, and other businesses are already using passkeys for user authentication. It’s great to see that Google is finally moving one step closer to ditching passwords.

Google says that passkey support is currently only available for consumer devices. The feature is also available for users enrolled in Google’s Advanced Protection program. However, the company will soon bring the new passwordless sign-in experience to Google Workspace accounts.