Google Announces General Availability of BigQuery Data Transfer Service


In a recent post on the Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning blog, Google announced the general availability of their BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

This service, which was originally announced this past March at Google’s Cloud Next conference can be used to automate the transfer of data from SaaS applications into Google’s cloud-based BigQuery data warehouse service.

To start, the data transfer service offers support for the transfer of data from several Google services, including AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube.

While currently these are the only services that can be used with the BigQuery Data Transfer service at the moment, hopefully Google will work with other SaaS service providers in the future, in order to make it easier to transfer other data into Google’s BigQuery service.

What’s more is that the data transferred into BigQuery can be analyzed using BI visualization tools from companies that are a part of the Google Partner Ecosystem, including Tableau, Locker, and ZoomData.

Some of the key features available with the BigQuery Data Transfer Service include:

Data Delivery SLA – Users can expect that the service will send data to a user’s BigQuery Project within 24 hours of it being received.

Customer-Managed Scheduling – Users can set custom data delivery schedules so that they can have the data they need, when they need it.

Regionalization – Google’s BigQuery service is now available in all of the regions that BigQuery is, making it easy for admins to configure data transfer regardless of which region they are in.

Pricing for Google’s BigQuery Data Transfer service depends on the particular SaaS applications that the data is being transferred from, and is as follows:

Google AdWords – $2.50 per unique Customer ID

DoubleClick Campaign Manager – $2.50 per unique Advertiser ID

DoubleClick for Publishers – $100 per Network ID

YouTube – Free, through February 1, 2018 (Pricing will be announced at a date that is TBD)

Additional information regarding the pricing of Google’s BigQuery Data Transfer service can be found on the Google Cloud Platform website.

With more and more data being generated and stored today, organizations can gather quite a bit of information from the analysis of this data, with the goal of making better business decisions. And now with the ability to schedule data exports from several of Google’s SaaS services into Google’s BigQuery service, admins can rest a bit easier.