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Amazon Announces Availability of Serverless Aurora MySQL

Last Update: Aug 30, 2022

Amazon recently announced that a serverless version of their Aurora MySQL database product is now generally available.

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Amazon Announces AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

Amazon recently announced a new AWS Storage Gateway hardware appliance that can be used to connect an organization’s existing on-premise hardware configurations to various AWS services.

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Google Announces “What-If” Tool for Analyzing Machine Learning Models

Google recently announced a new “What-If” tool that can be used to analyze changes to machine learning models.

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Google Adds In-App Messaging to Firebase

Google recently announced Firebase In-App Messaging, a new service that enables developers to configure triggers that send in-app messages to iOS and Android users.

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Google Announces Istio Version 1.0

Google has announced the launch of version 1.0 of the open-source Istio service mesh platform.

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Amazon Announces Several AWS Storage Gateway Updates

Amazon recently announced several updates to the AWS Storage Gateway service. This is a product that was designed to serve as an interface between on-site and AWS cloud storage.

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Google Announces Firestore Security Rules Simulator

Google recently introduced the Firestore Security Rules Simulator – a new tool that developers and administrators can use to write and test security rules for Google’s Cloud Firestore database in a quick and efficient manner.

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Google Announces Cloud Filestore

Google recently announced the coming beta of Cloud Filestore. This is a new service that will provide customers with managed storage with a shared file system interface.

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Google App Engine Adds Node.js Support

Google recently announced the ability for developers to deploy Node.js apps to Google’s fully-managed App Engine standard environment.

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Google Announces VPC-Native Clusters for Kubernetes Engine

Google recently announced the ability for admins to create native Virtual Private Cloud clusters within Google Kubernetes Engine.

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