GitHub Copilot Enterprise: AI-Powered Coding Companion Tailored for Large Organizations

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Key Takeaways:

  • GitHub has introduced Copilot Enterprise, an AI-powered coding assistant specifically designed for large enterprises.
  • The tool offers customization to fit the unique codebases and workflows of organizations, enhancing productivity and code quality.
  • Copilot Enterprise integrates with internal knowledge bases and Bing Search, prioritizing security and privacy while revolutionizing development processes.

Microsoft-owned GitHub has announced the general availability of Copilot Enterprise. The new offering is tailored to enable large enterprises to leverage artificial intelligence for their coding projects.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is a tool that helps developers generate code suggestions, answer queries, and summarize changes based on their organization’s coding standards. This AI-powered assistant integrates into the user’s development environment and provides real-time code suggestions as they type. It also allows developers to ask questions about public and private code using natural language commands.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise can access internal knowledge bases to provide more comprehensive suggestions. Bing Search is also directly integrated into Copilot Chat, which makes it easier for developers to search for software-related information. Additionally, users will soon have the option to fine-tune Copilot’s models based on the existing codebase. Other capabilities include slash commands and context variables, enterprise-grade security, as well as safety and privacy.

“Copilot Enterprise streamlines code navigation and comprehension for developers, enabling faster feature implementation, issue resolution, and code modernization. It empowers junior developers to contribute quicker, assists senior developers in handling live incidents, and aids in modernizing aging codebases by offering clear code summaries, relevant suggestions, and quick answers to queries about code behavior,” Microsoft explained.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise

GitHub Copilot Enterprise pricing

Last year, some developers raised concerns about the possibility of Copilot replicating publicly available code from GitHub repositories. Security researchers warned that Copilot may also replicate security vulnerabilities that already exist in the user’s codebase. It is highly recommended that developers should conduct manual code reviews and adhere to secure coding guidelines to avoid potential security risks.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is available for organizations for $39 per user per month. Customers will need a GitHub Enterprise Cloud account to use the AI-based pair programming assistant. You can find more details on how to get started with the tool in this support document.