GitHub’s Copilot for Business Now Available with a Powerful AI Model, VPN Proxy Support

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Microsoft has announced the general availability of GitHub Copilot for Business. The AI-powered programming assistant costs $19 per user per month, and it includes organization-wide policy management, license management, additional privacy features, and corporate proxy support.

Microsoft launched GitHub Copilot for Business in preview back in December 2022. Powered by OpenAI Codex, the tool enables developers to use natural language prompts to suggest whole functions or code snippets and complete code based on the current context.

GitHub Copilot is available as a plugin for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and it supports various languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. At launch, over 400 companies are already utilizing Copilot for Business to boost productivity, and there is a significant interest in the service.

“Back i​n June 2022, we reported that GitHub Copilot was already generating 27% of developers’ code. Today, we’re seeing this happen more and more with an average of 46% of code being built using GitHub Copilot across all programming languages, and 61% among developers using Java,” said GitHub’s CEO Thomas Dohmke.

GitHub’s Copilot for Business Now Available with a Powerful AI Model, VPN Proxy Support

GitHub Copilot for Business now supports AI-based security vulnerability filtering

Microsoft also announced that its programming assistant is now powered by an improved OpenAI-powered model. It’s designed to reduce latency and improve the quality of code suggestions provided to software developers.

GitHub Copilot for Business has also introduced support for AI-based security vulnerability filtering. The feature helps to detect and block insecure coding patterns and makes GitHub Copilot suggestions more secure. Moreover, GitHub Copilot for Business now supports secure connections over VPN proxy (such as self-signed certificates).

Microsoft has revealed its plan to incorporate AI into all aspects of the developer experience in the near future. The company expects that Copilot will soon be able to automatically generate 80 percent of the code. It should help developers complete their work more efficiently and allocate their time toward other important tasks.