Fix for Outlook Web Access Focus Issue after Q911829


After adding a recipient to a new email message in OWA, pressing the space bar in the Compose Message window brings up the address book.


Microsoft Update Q911829 that was released in March and April of 2006 introduced a new OWA problem into some environments, where pressing the spacebar after addressing a message results in the address dialog re-appearing. The cause is that the focus is not set to the body after addressing a message. The most commonly reported issue is that while typing the message body, entering a space (pressing the spacebar) suddenly activates the addressing pop-up.
Note: The Microsoft Q911829 fix is not harmful in itself, and it fixes other issues found with OWA on Exchange 2003. So initially, there’s no reason NOT to install the fix in the first place.


A company called Messageware has a free fix available as a service to the Exchange community at

  1. Download and extract the executable OWA Focus Tool (192 KB zip).
  2. On the Exchange Server where Q911829 has been applied, run the executable.
  3. Follow the user interface to complete the installation.
  4. On a client machine, clear the local browser cache by clicking Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files, and refresh the page.
  5. Login to OWA and verify that the issue has been corrected.


You receive an error message when you try to perform any editing tasks, or you must click to enable the compose frame in Outlook Web Access – 911829